Unique Facts About Japan

  Many people aren't aware of some of the quirky and interesting facts about Japan.  There are a whole variety of strange and fun and cool facts.  Here they are:
  • Hello Kitty originated in Japan in the 70s.
  • Macdonald's, Haagen Daaz, and Kentucky Fried Chicken are very popular in Japan.
  • Japanese eat mostly rice and fish.
  • Japanese people still wear kimonos at festivals and special events.
  • The more traditional houses have tables that are very low, so that you can sit on the floor as you eat.
  • In a traditional Japanese house, you don't sit on chairs or sleep on beds.
  • Some farmers grow square watermelons in Japan.
  • In Japan, the most popular topping for pizza is Squid.
  • In Japan it is common to eat rice, soup or steamed vegetables in the morning.
  • Japanese only wear slippers in their houses.
  • There are special slippers for restroom usage.
  • In Tokyo a bicycle is usually faster than a car for most trips up to 50 minutes.
  • There are wild monkeys in Japan.
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